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Seungyoon being a little shit.

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Summer(Late) Giveaway!

Sorry about my crappy edit i really did try >_<

As i promised here is dress(smilar to the one i did post before) that i am giving away.

It is new dress i got month or two ago.

Size is L and back can also strech so think most girls can fit.


  1. This is for my followers so of course you must follow me
  2. Reblog as many times you want
  3. Likes do count
  4. No giveaway blogs!
  5. Winner will be picked by random.org
  6. If the winner don’t respond in 24h i will choose other winner
  7. Have ask box open!
  8. I do ship worldwide don’t worry
  9. Giveaway end’s on 23 September
  10. I will also include couple accessories with the dress.Examples: x x x x
  11. Good luck! <3

If you have any questions just msg me

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"Before I left, I made a promise in your arms that I would build a house and wait for you." - Climax (2013)

"I started from the bottom. It’s time I built my house." - YGGR#Hiphop (2014)

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Let’s Have a Family Dinner..

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by pump

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Pixelpoint | ちょこ庵 

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